Jim Ryder Construction


Another room that we all spend a lot of time in, each and every day, is… the bathroom. It’s part of being human. And saying that, don’t you want a bathroom that is comfortable, clean, and polished? Don’t settle for a bathroom where you’re not happy with the tiles, where you cringe when looking in the shower, or where you have to “make it work” with a sink that isn’t 100%.

Jim Ryder Construction has turned bathrooms into dream bathrooms all around Syracuse for years! Get that bathtub you’ve always wanted, your perfect hideaway after a long day of work. Replace that old shower tile with something new, fresh and clean and shiny. Time for a new toilet? We can help. Do you need bathroom cupboards or cabinets, a new mirror, or a modern bathroom sink? Look no further.

Admittedly it’s not the easiest thing to take a great picture of a bathroom, but see below for a few examples of what we can do!